Entrance to Bari-Uma

Cha Shu that melts in your mouth, leaves the mouth watering and the mind wanting. Found at a Ramen restaurant at the ground floor of Tanglin Shopping Mall, this shop though flashy with their sign boards and menus, is inconspicuously half-below ground level and easy to overlook.

Inside the restaurant, the decor is quaint, and certainly retains a Japanese atmosphere. Immediately after sliding the main door open, you’ll be greeted enthusiastically by the staff in Japanese, and then led to your seats. The service staff are always friendly, even if they might be a bit busy, are always happy to help. The food doesn’t take too long to arrive after ordering.

Kara-Uma Ramen , spicy pork broth ramen with roasted cha shu

My go-to ramen is always the Kara-Uma, the spicy variant of their standard pork broth. Topped with bamboo shoots, spring onions, cha shu, and chili it makes for a vibrant presentation sure to whet one’s appetite.

Ajitama-Uma, Pork broth ramen with flavoured egg and roasted cha shu

For those who prefer a non-spicy alternative, there’s the main Tonkotsu pork broth ramens. Their ramen variety is highly modular, which makes it easy for people to pick if they want an egg, or more nori seaweed, or just more cha shu. Additionally, there’s also add-ons of individual items such as corn, nori, and cha shu.

A side serving of Cha Shu


My favourite item from Bari-Uma is definitely the Cha shu. After ordering the cha shu, you might soon be able to smell it being flame-grilled by the chefs in the kitchen. The smell of thick pork belly being roasted by an open flame is sure to tease a hungry diner. Served with a sprinkle of spring onions and a dash of chili on the side. The way the fatty meat melts in your mouth is exquisite. The cha shu is the reason why I always return to Bari-Uma. One taste and you’re sure to be hooked.

their Gyoza, another dish they pride themselves on, served with a crispy keeping them together

Their Gyoza is served with a thin crisp skin on top that keeps the gyoza pieces together. With a crisp-to-doughy skin, filled with a combination of minced meat and veggies, the gyoza along with its sauce acts as a delicious, tastebud cleanser.


4/5 Stars, highly recommended


I’ve returned to Bari-Uma many times, and will continue to do so in the future. Especially when a craving for a thick fatty piece of grilled cha shu comes to mind. The prices are decent for a restaurant, and will run a person 14-20 dollars before additional charges. The ambience is warm and friendly and the service is fast and friendly.

Opening Hours

Sun,Mon-Thurs 11-2130
Fri-Sat 11-2200

– Bariuma Tanglin
Address : 19 Tanglin Road #B1-01/02, Singapore 247909
Phone : 6887 4484

– Bariuma Novena United Square Mall
Address : 101 Thomson Road B1-08 United Square, Singapore 307591
Phone : 6354 3711