In light of the recent announcement of McDonald’s Singapore’s addition of Cheesy Loaded Fries to their menu, we decided to do a comparison with of some of the cheese fries readily found around Singapore.


  1. Cheese fries from KFC


At $4.20 ala-carte, the cheese fries is the priciest of the trio reviewed, and doesn’t feel particularly worth the amount at all, not for the quantity, nor quality of the fries. While KFC’s cheese fries have been a staple on their menu for a long time, the cut and quality of their fries have been changing over the recent months.

Years ago, the fries were a thin, shoestring-cut, and seemed to usually be sitting in the food warmer behind counters, resulting in a tray of soggy fries, falling apart at the fork’s touch.


As of late, their fries are thicker, and have a crispier coating, which gives a more satisfying crunch.

The Cheese fries come with a cheese sauce, mayonnaise and chopped spring onions. The spring onions add colour to the fries and a bit of crunch to the bite. The cheese sauce is mild at best, and reminiscent of cinema-style, disappointing nacho cheese sauces. Overall, the dish is lacklustre, and can often be overpowered by the large dollop of mayonnaise.

Rating: 2/5


2. Fries + cheese sauce from Long John Silver’s


At $3.40, the fries + nacho cheese sauce from Long John Silver’s is the cheapest of the trio. (Not to be confused with Crazy potatoes fries + chips + cheese at $3.50)

Long known for its battered fried foods, Long John Silver’s fries are crunchy and crispy. The cheese sauce is an add-on and comes in a plastic tub. The cheese sauce is definitely more flavourful and savoury than KFC’s Cheese fries.

Rating: 3/5


3. Cheesy Loaded Fries from McDonald’s


Priced at just under 4 dollars, the Cheesy Loaded Fries from McDonald’s comes with a cheese sauce, sour cream, and “chicken bacon.”

Receiving a lot of angry feedback from consumers on social media, I was curious to see if the fries I was about to receive was as horrible as some of the many other cases.


The combination of cheese sauce, sour cream, and crunchy chicken bacon tasted really good together. The sour cream went with the cheese sauce much better than mayonnaise does, and the bits of crunchy chicken bacon complement the overall taste well.

However, the condiments were not nearly enough to match the number fries, and after the first few mouthfuls, you’re left with a dish of regular McDonald’s fries.

To make things worse, the shoestring fries were too flimsy to feel indulgent. Like a loaded baked baby potato wouldn’t feel as rewarding into digging into a full loaded baked potato, overflowing with ingredients.

Rating: 2/5


What are some other fast food cheese fries that you like? Let us know in the comments below.